David Chalk, expert keynote speaker, business consultant and Coach, and epic entrepreneur

Meet David Chalk

David Chalk is a business coach & consultant, keynote speaker and also a leader in technology for over 30 years. Award Winning Entrepreneur, Technology Futurist and Cyber Security Expert.

For most of the 80s, David Chalk was the face of Technology in Canada when he established the longest-running technology show called Dave Chalk's Computer Show. His approach has always been to empower people with the technical information they need to become more productive and to enhance their lives. Essentially, he bridges the gap between technology and practicality.

He also created the first open-line national radio show on the Corus Radio Network for computer education. By the mid-90s, David turned around a $150 million US Retailer (Ballard Computer) from Chapter 11. and started to appear on speaking tours for Microsoft when Bill Gates was not available.

A keynote speaker, business coach & consultant, epic entrepreneur and also a leader in technology for over 30 years.Leader in Innovative thinking.

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David has received the Entrepreneur of the Year designation by the Young Entrepreneurs Organization. In 1997, he was selected as a Top 30 Entrepreneur by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in the same year founded Chalk Media, which he later sold to Research in Motion [Blackberry] for 23 million dollars.

A serial Entrepreneur David has launched more than 20 companies in the fields of technology, education, construction, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and retail, and is recognized as one of the world's most gifted minds.

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David in Martha Stewart's Studio

Bill Gates

CEO Microsoft

" David I want to thank you for Keynoting the national Canadian leg of my Microsoft Windows release tour that I could not attend. The response we have received from not only the audiences but also the Microsoft managers has been exceptional. It was very fortunate you were available to perform the entire multi-city tour for me. It was a pleasure meeting you."

Martha Stewart

Omni Media

"Here have you been all this time, I have looked everywhere for someone to partner with who is articulate and has such knowledge that they can clearly explain anything on technology. I have come across no one like you. The way in which you tie your explanations to people's lives stems in large part I believe from the learning disabilities. It gives you a strong empathetic tie with your audiences. Congratulations David"

Admiral Mike McConnell

Director NSA under Presidents, Bush /Clinton/Obama

"David, what you have presented so clearly here and discussed on cyber intrusion protection, is the real thing. We have hired some of the smartest minds from our universities and paid millions to research engineers but you have done it. What they could not do. I can see the solution could only come from the way your mind has though through this. You have created the “silver bullet” for cyber."

Brian Scudamore

Founder, CEO 1-800-GOT-JUNK™

"David is an anomaly not only is he a brilliant speaker but I have also seen him grow numerous great businesses over the years. Few speaker can really walk the walk and talk the real talk. He has the ability to look at a need or problem and, as if out of thin air, come up with the right solution and amazing ways to express it. He, can create through his talks an innovative and competitive edge for any business or organization. David is a speaking and marketing genius"