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David Chalk is a business coach & consultant, keynote speaker and also a leader in technology for over 30 years.

Fire Your IT Department

Today technology runs the company and this has forced many CEO’s and Leaders of organizations to be held hostage by their IT department. Often they stand in the way of progress and make decisions a CEO should be making. David shares his secrets to help leaders take back control and work with their IT department, not for their IT department. He also shares his 10 Technology rules for great success!


In this inspirational keynote, David re-energizes business leaders and entrepreneurs who are managing change and growth with his HELL YA keynote. He shares why his HELL YA attitude is what has allowed him to have incredible business success and the determination to keep going when things got tough. HELL YA means change is here to stay and managing it means understanding that there is a greater risk in doing nothing. Change is the catalyst to innovation and creativity. Add a culture of HELL YA and you won’t be managing change but managing advancement.

Choose Don't Decide

From choosing to ignore those who said his disabilities would stand in his way, to choosing to drop out of University, David has had to make choices his entire life. He shares his inspirational story and why he knows making a decision can often move you away from your gut instincts but choosing is done with free will. Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders will hear what choices David made that worked well and what decisions stood in the way of progress.

Disability DO

In this inspiring keynote David shares his personal journey to overcome his many mental disabilities including severe dyslexia, no short term memory and Prosopagnosia also known as face blindness. Despite these challenges, David was able to become one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs and respected technology consultants. He shares how his mom was the person who taught him what he could do over what he couldn’t do and how this gave him the confidence to strive for big goals. And inspires parents and teachers to use their power to help all kids with disabilities to focus on the Disability DO!

The Internet is not your Friend

The Internet continues to offer consumers services online and the impact on many industries is growing wider every year. What is next for your Industry? Will you survive the next 10 years? How will your industry change as more technology is introduced and are you prepared for the potential disruption? David shares his forecast for your industry and what you need to do to stay efficient and relevant


Entrepreneurship is a 24/7 job and requires all of you - there can not be a fall back position. In this keynote David shares why success is only possible if you're all in and why part time entrepreneurs have hobbies. David also shares his top ten tips to being a successful entrepreneur.

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