David Chalk - business consultant and turnaround coach

David Chalk: Award Winning Entrepreneur, Technology Futurist and Cyber Security Expert, Leader in Innovative thinking. Keynote Speaker at your next event

David recognized very early on that the problem of Cyber Security was real and there were no real solutions available to protect anyone from hackers. For the past 10 years he has immersed himself in finding a solution. A solution that would protect not act as an alarm system. His research led him to develop the World's only cyber security solution that guarantees protection. The US Homeland Security and Department of Defence recently asked David for help to draft the language of a new Cyber Security Bill that is being passed in Congress in the Fall of 2015. This bill will change everything.

Always at the forefront of what technologyis next, Dave started video streaming and developed the first video engine for Yahoo! in 1999, raising $60 million in capital. Dave was given an Honorary Doctorate of Technology for his years of accomplishments in the tech field.

A pioneer in the technology industry, David developed the blueprint to the computer super store when he opened Doppler Computer Superstores in 19. An award winning innovator, David developed a retail POS and Supply Chain Management solution that Ernst & Young certified and assisted in selling it to other industries.

In early 2000, Chalk received a Freddie Award for Best International Educational Documentary: “An insight into life with Dyslexia & learning disabilities.”